Froogle Product Feed Management Services and Engine Overview

The Google Network commands over 80% of the Internet searching world. Not meet its brainchild, Froogle. Froogle is a new comparison shopping engine adept with the same hi-tech versatility and lightning speed innovation as the Google search technology which powers it, but concentrates its efforts toward a product-exclusive search for its consumer. This newly-spun comparison shopping engine allows the e-shoppers of the world to locate stores that sell the items or products they seek and points them directly to the purchase domain. By concentrating exclusively on product search, Froogle makes it easier for serious consumers who know what they’re looking for, to obtain information and product specifications easier and quicker; thus delivering the decisive customer to the custom-fit products and merchant’s site.


Consumers typically navigate and click-circumspect a household comparison shopping engine in a casual browsing manner, not really determined to find a specific item or product, but hoping exploring will deliver them to the right product after careful examination, comparison, and lots of click-indulgent time. Froogle cuts the navigation or browsing time in half, by concentrating its search-savvy technology on specific targeted shopping sites teeming with a supply of the exact products its consumers seek. Time is a priceless commodity, and for the consumer who knows what they are ready buy, all the more so. They don’t want to waste time weeding through related product finds and information: they want the product specs and the check-out page. Froogle does this for them.


Froogle is a merchant’s best ally also, in that it supplies a higher-conversion market to merchants’ sites and products, quickly and efficiently. The consumer market that enlists Froogle to unearth custom-tailored products, is the same market predominately with cash in hand. These consumers want to find it and buy it. Moreover, with the ingenuity of Google’s merchant technologies such as Google Adwords, merchants can be connected to new customers at the precise moment that they are looking for their products, based on one consumer click. Froogle was developed to give e-consumers a convenient shortcut through the overwhelming amount of products and services offered on most comparison shopping engines, and deliver them to the exact products and payment details they seek; while simultaneously allowing merchants to reach a more targeted conversion-rated consumer market, thereby initiating a quicker ROI and a more determinate profit margin for them.

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--------------------------------------------- offers a complete Product Feed Management system that encompasses all aspects of feed optimization for all major comparison shopping engines (, Bizrate, Froogle, Yahoo Shopping, MSN Shopping, PriceGrabber and NexTag). Aspects include feed creation, correct product categorization, Proper product listing data, Product level bidding, Product/Campaign level ROI tracking, Competitive Analysis (competitor product price comparison), quick and easy product inclusion or exclusion, daily/bi-daily feed submissions plus other product feed maintenance tasks.


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One of the largest price search sites. Over 30 million products listed.
Child of Dealtime and Epinions, now merged to provide you with three shopping search engines that feature your products separately, yet the same.

Yahoo Shopping:
Complete Yahoo Shopping data feed creation and maintenance solutions.

MSN Shopping:
Complete MSN Shopping data feed creation and maintenance solutions.

NexTag Shopping:
Complete NexTag data feed creation and maintenance solutions.

PriceGrabber Shopping:
Complete PriceGrabber data feed creation and maintenance solutions.

Developed by Google, Inc. One of the most promising price comparison sites to date.

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