MSN Shopping Product Feed Management Services and Engine Overview

MSN is a leading Internet mecca of services, products, and general worldwide information, commanding over 60% of online users. Its educational boundaries are limitless: you can find anything from this e-portal. But sometimes having unlimited access to the world at large can be too much to handle if you’re a consumer searching for a specific product or a business searching for a specific market. MSN Shopping was developed exclusively to this end. Over 40 million consumers click to MSN Shopping a month, and up-to-the-minute demographics delineate that the purpose it was developed for is the exact function it serves. 68% of MSN Shopping users have a household income of 50K or more. 45% of users have a household income of 75% or more. 97% have shopped online in the last 6 months, and 90% have purchased online in the last 6 months. This tells us that the shoppers MSN was looking to serve are there, shopping…in droves. They have the money to buy, choose to shop online, and most importantly: to an overwhelming degree, have found the products and more that they were seeking on MSN


Part of this reason, is that MSN Shopping knows how to market its merchants and business’ effectively for quicker clicks and more efficient transactions between e-shoppers and merchants’ products. This ultimate in comparison shopping engines features its shopping merchants on the MSN home page and throughout the entire MSN network to ensure that these business’ and their products get seen, through their hi-tech innovative relevant content search tool. By empowering both qualified consumer and respective merchant through high-profile visibility and product-specific direction, MSN Shopping has taken e-shopping and e-commerce to a new level: one that saves time, money and aggravation for the consumer; and provides high conversion rates, ROI, and long term business profitability and stability for the merchant or business. offers a complete Product Feed Management system that encompasses all aspects of feed optimization for all major comparison shopping engines (, Bizrate, Froogle, Yahoo Shopping, MSN Shopping, PriceGrabber and NexTag). Aspects include feed creation, correct product categorization, Proper product listing data, Product level bidding, Product/Campaign level ROI tracking, Competitive Analysis (competitor product price comparison), quick and easy product inclusion or exclusion, daily/bi-daily feed submissions plus other product feed maintenance tasks.


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One of the largest price search sites. Over 30 million products listed.
Child of Dealtime and Epinions, now merged to provide you with three shopping search engines that feature your products separately, yet the same.

Yahoo Shopping:
Complete Yahoo Shopping data feed creation and maintenance solutions.

MSN Shopping:
Complete MSN Shopping data feed creation and maintenance solutions.

NexTag Shopping:
Complete NexTag data feed creation and maintenance solutions.

PriceGrabber Shopping:
Complete PriceGrabber data feed creation and maintenance solutions.

Developed by Google, Inc. One of the most promising price comparison sites to date.

Froogle Shopping feeds